The Health Foundation


Helsefonden is an independent charity which funds research and development related to health and social issues. Since the establishment of the foundation, more than DKK 1.400.000.000 have been used to support social and health projects. Each year grants totalling 20- 25 million kroner are given out.




Initiating, supporting and promoting innovative, usable and relevant research, development and information within the social and health fields.




Strengthening the social and health efforts to improve the quality of life amongst citizens needing physical, mental or social support.


Initiating and supporting initiatives that promotes each citizen to take responsibility for their own health.


Providing new and usable knowledge within the social and health sectors by focusing on effects and impact.


Making knowledge accessible by broad communication.






Transparency is established through an open communication strategy. This includes information on objectives, aims, intentions and which criteria projects that are supported fulfil, members of the board, accounts etc.


New thinking, development and change

The foundation’s funds are used for new thinking and development of knowledge; both through own initiatives and by funding projects that are untraditional, innovative and groundbreaking.


Dialogue and communication

It is important to ensure a focused broad application and dissemination of results of the initiatives that are funded or initiated by the foundation. The Health Foundation engages in a dialogue with stakeholders, applicants, professionals, citizens and decision makers, in order to find new approaches.



The Heath Foundation is independent and can in its funding of projects look at the long perspective and try out new ideas.




The Health Foundation is aiming to be a more active player with a balanced approach between funding projects and own initiatives in areas where there has been established a need for new knowledge and development of content and quality in the delivery of services.


Support can only be offered for social and health projects within Denmark.




The Health Foundation was founded in 1973 in response to changes in Danish law regarding provision of health insurance. In the early 1970’s private health insurance was replaced by a public health service. The remaining assets after the liquidation of the private health insurance companies became part of the foundation.




The foundation is led by a board of directors consisting of 7 members, selected by

·          the Danish Parliament (Folketinget),

·          The National Association of Municipalities (Kommunernes Landsforening),

·          The Counties (Danske Regioner),

·          The Minister of Welfare and

·          The Minister of Health and Prevention


The day-to day business of the foundation is managed by a secretariat.



The Health Foundation is a member of EFC - European Foundation Centre


The Health Foundation subscribe to the ”Principles for good administration in foundations”

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